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Hurt me, Rape me, Try to escape me....

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The Fall Out Jul. 20th, 2005 @ 02:43 am
Sometimes you don't know whats happening...then your dead

How could god ask you to live after that?
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Yeah Dec. 25th, 2004 @ 02:20 pm


P.S. The Bodacious Has Arrived...
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Happy Christmahhanzaquanzika to you! Dec. 24th, 2004 @ 10:47 pm
Dude...un beweavable. its freakin christmas eve. WOOPDEE DO. heaven forbid me and mal spend christmas eve togther makin sweet sweet sweat exhausting adventurous love mwahhh! it would indeed rock my socks. so instead I hope her parents will allow her to be driven to my house and spend 4 days here. is it so freakin hard? dude meh now bayyyyyyyyybeeeee! well toni came over with the mack daddy present load. wid cheetoh...aka shadow... and then shadow swallowed dad's wedding ring lmmfaoatwtc!!! well g2g don't feel like writeing



kallea_xanay_catgirl22: grrr...
monroe_massacre: indeed?
kallea_xanay_catgirl22: yeah....
kallea_xanay_catgirl22: what they are drinkin rocks my socks
monroe_massacre: what ish it?
kallea_xanay_catgirl22: malibu with cranberry and orange juice
kallea_xanay_catgirl22: IT IS DELIGHTFUL
kallea_xanay_catgirl22: O-o
kallea_xanay_catgirl22: your givin her alchahol
kallea_xanay_catgirl22: -dad- JUST A LITTLE!
monroe_massacre: LMFAo
monroe_massacre: waht?
monroe_massacre: what
monroe_massacre: ---what?
monroe_massacre: WHAT!?!?!!?!?
monroe_massacre: ^_^
kallea_xanay_catgirl22: yummin it
kallea_xanay_catgirl22: the cult
kallea_xanay_catgirl22: THE KEAD SINGER ROCKS MY SOCKS!
kallea_xanay_catgirl22: LEAD*
kallea_xanay_catgirl22: perpetual spelling disabilities
monroe_massacre: STATUS MESSAGE?
monroe_massacre: so errr
monroe_massacre: I do declair that I'll try to get a ride down 2moro
kallea_xanay_catgirl22: yeah
kallea_xanay_catgirl22: dude
kallea_xanay_catgirl22: bastards
monroe_massacre: dude
monroe_massacre: HUH!?
monroe_massacre: CRAZY KIDS
kallea_xanay_catgirl22: whoa
kallea_xanay_catgirl22: crazy rabbit
monroe_massacre: 6--
monroe_massacre: ^_-*
kallea_xanay_catgirl22: trix's are for kids
monroe_massacre: mmmm rabits
kallea_xanay_catgirl22: mwahhh
kallea_xanay_catgirl22: mom is GOD
kallea_xanay_catgirl22: MWAHHHHH
kallea_xanay_catgirl22: -gobbles cheese and pickles-
kallea_xanay_catgirl22: chrismahanzakwanzakaa to you
kallea_xanay_catgirl22: silly rabbit
kallea_xanay_catgirl22: cheese monger
kallea_xanay_catgirl22: chicken walker
kallea_xanay_catgirl22: dod
kallea_xanay_catgirl22: dudes on drugs
monroe_massacre: DWI
kallea_xanay_catgirl22: duded
kallea_xanay_catgirl22: walking
kallea_xanay_catgirl22: in cheese
kallea_xanay_catgirl22: ha space ha
monroe_massacre: DWIc
kallea_xanay_catgirl22: wat
monroe_massacre: EXPLAIN THAT ONE TO THE KIDS...
kallea_xanay_catgirl22: im missing the ballz
monroe_massacre: dwic
kallea_xanay_catgirl22: -dodges one just recently thrown at head-
monroe_massacre's status is now "ball meh baby". (12/24/04 9:50 PM)

monroe_massacre: meyy christmas
monroe_massacre: HAPPY KWANIKA
kallea_xanay_catgirl22: cheesma
monroe_massacre: musT PEAAAAAH
monroe_massacre: PEEE
monroe_massacre: SEES YA
kallea_xanay_catgirl22: forget to call?
monroe_massacre: I guess you did!
kallea_xanay_catgirl22: biznacho you said you'd call me
monroe_massacre: DID NOT!
monroe_massacre: lol
kallea_xanay_catgirl22: -mumbles- hoe
monroe_massacre: besides, my mom took dos phone
monroe_massacre: she went to sleepith
kallea_xanay_catgirl22: bastard
monroe_massacre: shes wants me to get off the comp
monroe_massacre: but I said no
kallea_xanay_catgirl22: why'eth?
monroe_massacre: lol
monroe_massacre: cuz its "late"
monroe_massacre: lmao
kallea_xanay_catgirl22: go to a chatroom
monroe_massacre: kay..
monroe_massacre: I only got two people gifts this year
monroe_massacre: you nd my mom
monroe_massacre: I hope you like ym gift
monroe_massacre: lol, I know you will
kallea_xanay_catgirl22: I hate it ^_^
monroe_massacre: (If I dont get slapped first)
kallea_xanay_catgirl22: SO HELP ME
monroe_massacre: LMFAO
kallea_xanay_catgirl22: IF I GET ANOTHER MATH BOOK
kallea_xanay_catgirl22: I'LL DISOWN YOU
monroe_massacre: ITS NOT MATH!
kallea_xanay_catgirl22: -_-
kallea_xanay_catgirl22: your life
kallea_xanay_catgirl22: IS MINE
monroe_massacre: heheh (pulls out Mr. Ridgleys guide to good Dot grooming)
monroe_massacre: lmfao
kallea_xanay_catgirl22: HAHAHAHAHAHHA
kallea_xanay_catgirl22: ha space ha
kallea_xanay_catgirl22: >_>
kallea_xanay_catgirl22: bastard
monroe_massacre: LMFAO
monroe_massacre: no, not bastard..
monroe_massacre: bsatard
monroe_massacre: !!!
monroe_massacre: ba-trad
monroe_massacre: ba-tard
kallea_xanay_catgirl22: re-tart
monroe_massacre: do you have the internet exploer working?
monroe_massacre: >_<
kallea_xanay_catgirl22: sorta
kallea_xanay_catgirl22: im not ganna risk it
monroe_massacre: dammination
kallea_xanay_catgirl22: are you in a cr?
monroe_massacre: I made an update bout our.. lovin' habbits
monroe_massacre: no
kallea_xanay_catgirl22: n your new one?
kallea_xanay_catgirl22: on*
monroe_massacre: yeah
monroe_massacre: frosty the snowman
kallea_xanay_catgirl22: lmmfao
kallea_xanay_catgirl22: dude
kallea_xanay_catgirl22: him and his BIG carrot
monroe_massacre: >_< WHAT DID YOU SAY?!!?
monroe_massacre: this.... dude....
kallea_xanay_catgirl22: me and frosty
kallea_xanay_catgirl22: we go WAY BACK
monroe_massacre: dude was originally a word used for scarcrows and old rags in the mid 18hundreds
monroe_massacre: big bertha love the snow..
kallea_xanay_catgirl22: actually
kallea_xanay_catgirl22: a dude is a well fascioned man who is socially excepted
kallea_xanay_catgirl22: ask smarter child
monroe_massacre: LMFAO
kallea_xanay_catgirl22: fashioned*
kallea_xanay_catgirl22: I have no life
kallea_xanay_catgirl22: blow on that santa clause
1. Informal An Easterner or city person who vacations on a ranch in the West. 2. Informal A man who is very fancy or sharp in dress and demeanor. 3. Slang a. A man; a fellow. b. dudes Persons of either sex.
Transitive verb
Inflected form
monroe_massacre: dude...
monroe_massacre: we have to make up a new deffinion..
monroe_massacre: RIGHT NOW
monroe_massacre: DUDE MEANS SEX
monroe_massacre: LETS HAVE DUDE
kallea_xanay_catgirl22: LMM FLUCKIN AO
kallea_xanay_catgirl22: wowies
kallea_xanay_catgirl22: LETS GO HAVE SOME DUDE
kallea_xanay_catgirl22: CAN I HAVE SOME DUDE PLEASE
kallea_xanay_catgirl22: MWAHH
kallea_xanay_catgirl22: DUDE ME NOW JOHNNY!
monroe_massacre: I was up dudeing it alll night
kallea_xanay_catgirl22: OHHHHHHH DUDE
kallea_xanay_catgirl22: dude is what i do for a living
kallea_xanay_catgirl22: just dude all day
kallea_xanay_catgirl22: dude all night
monroe_massacre: just like crib snacks... its brilliant
monroe_massacre: dude meh up
kallea_xanay_catgirl22: I know
kallea_xanay_catgirl22: i wanna dude you all over
monroe_massacre: put your dude in your pocket, and rock it
monroe_massacre: (say that 10 times fast)
kallea_xanay_catgirl22: oh i feel so DIRTY!
kallea_xanay_catgirl22: that took you like...6 minutes to come up wid
kallea_xanay_catgirl22: lmmfao
kallea_xanay_catgirl22: put me in your pocket, and ...oh man
kallea_xanay_catgirl22: -get inhaler-
monroe_massacre: LMAO
monroe_massacre: actually..
monroe_massacre: no
monroe_massacre: I just.. said the first thing that came to mind
monroe_massacre: I wanna dude your woman!
kallea_xanay_catgirl22: whoa
kallea_xanay_catgirl22: I WANNA DUDE YOUR DUDE
kallea_xanay_catgirl22: oh thas so wrong...>_>
kallea_xanay_catgirl22: but...
kallea_xanay_catgirl22: IT FELT SO RIGHT
monroe_massacre: AND SO TIGHT
kallea_xanay_catgirl22: SEX PISTOLS SUCK!
kallea_xanay_catgirl22: how could anyone like that shiz
monroe_massacre: why?
monroe_massacre: whats wrong with them?
kallea_xanay_catgirl22: their music sucks anyway
kallea_xanay_catgirl22: YOU like them?
kallea_xanay_catgirl22: god save yuor soul
kallea_xanay_catgirl22: *your
monroe_massacre: no, iv actually never heard them
monroe_massacre: I probably have, but never knew it was the,
monroe_massacre: them*
kallea_xanay_catgirl22: they are like pre-emo
kallea_xanay_catgirl22: its horrible
monroe_massacre: I know some ppl who like them
kallea_xanay_catgirl22: take everything remotly okay about emo
kallea_xanay_catgirl22: and stomp it
kallea_xanay_catgirl22: = sex pistols
monroe_massacre: wait.. are you online?
kallea_xanay_catgirl22: have you ever heard of the band Flaw?
monroe_massacre: nope
monroe_massacre: are you on a website?
monroe_massacre: ?
kallea_xanay_catgirl22: wwait
kallea_xanay_catgirl22: sorry
kallea_xanay_catgirl22: shadow swallowed dad wedding ring
kallea_xanay_catgirl22: o_o
kallea_xanay_catgirl22: O-O
kallea_xanay_catgirl22: O_-
kallea_xanay_catgirl22: hoorificity
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GOD WAS PRESSING BUTTONS.... Dec. 23rd, 2004 @ 10:44 pm
Well I was pressing buttons and typing in random things and then all the sudden BAM! No one had this screen name. I was so freakishly shocked that I spazed out and made this screen name. Ahhh...It makes me happeh....

Current Mood: amusedhappeh...I miss Mal...
Current Music: Moments In Grace- Stratus
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